RX3 Communications Capabilities Statement

RX3 Communications, Inc. (DUNS 829839401; CAGE 5NP03) is a professional wireless network services provider. For more than 10 years, RX3 has provided communications infrastructure solutions for Public Safety Municipalities, The Federal Government, State and Local Government Agencies, Private Cellular Carriers, and Large Private Integrators.

The experienced professionals at RX3 understand that every client, and every project, is different. That’s why we specialize in looking at things from every angle. We approach projects with your objectives as our requirements – from concept to completion.

RX3 is an Integrated Network Services Company with deep experience in Program Management, RF Engineering, Site Acquisition/Zoning and Permitting, Geotechnical, Structural Engineering, A&E Design, Microwave Design and installation and Integration.  These core competencies have delivered outstanding networked solutions to both government (Federal & State) and major commercial customers.

The company is headquartered in Reno, NV, where it serves customers throughout the Country. We pride ourselves in utilizing local connections in developing projects.

The key to the success of any project is Program Management. An experienced team of RX3 Program Managers is available to fulfill client needs. By managing all of the various aspects of a project, RX3 will provide a single point of contact for your daily project operations, updates, scheduling, and tracking.

Services Include:

  • Defining Rollout Strategies
  • Establishing Performance Plans
  • Creating Deliverables Schedules
  • Defining Staffing Plans
  • Structuring Operating Budgets
  • Assisting with Outsourcing/Subcontracting
  • Construction & Utility Management
  • Database Management & Document Control
  • Regulatory Compliance

Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering is the driving force of any wireless project. With our experienced team of engineering professionals, RX3 can reduce ramp up time by phased of RF design from preliminary to final design.

RX3 puts their client’s RF needs first by emphasizing RF compliance. We work to find expedient solutions to conflicting RF and land use issues, while consistently adhering to the client’s stated requirements, projected timelines and budget considerations.

Services Include:

  • RF Site Surveys
  • Network Design
  • Network Optimization
  • Drive Testing and Benchmarking
  • On Air System Verification
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Intermodulation Reports
  • Microwave Path Analysis
  • Government Filing FAA, FCC, MPE
  • AM Tower Analysis
  • Initial Coverage Feasibility Studies
  • Developing and Releasing Search Rings
  • Equipment Change Out and Replacements
  • Troubleshooting Existing Systems

RX3 provides turnkey project development services utilizing experienced tower crews to complete entire build outs. RX3 will coordinate, schedule and integrate all services necessary to order, install, equip and calibrate all specified equipment.

Services Include:

  • Construction Management
  • Qualification of Contractors & Vendors
  • Contract Bid Administration
  • Site Feasibility Assessment
  • Coordination of T1 & Power Installation
  • Ordering of Towers & Equipment
  • Sweep Testing
  • Management of Grounding & Meg Testing
  • Tower Erection
  • Microwave Installation Testing and Turn Up
  • Verification & Power Up
  • Power Supply Voltages Verification
  • Modules Insertion & Functionality Confirmation
  • Establishment of Frequency Parameters & Power Out Levels
  • Alarms Clearance & Complete ATP
  • Tower Mapping

Let the team at RX3 show you how we can raise the bar and perform great work in managing your projects! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office and talk to one of our professionals. When you call, we answer the phone!