Project Integration

RX3 works with clients to design, procure, and implement projects to ensure a robust, secure, and modern infrastructure. Working with our partners RX3 sources the best solutions, which are cost effective and offer current technology. Our company helps clients update obsolete out of date technical infrastructure. RX3’s experience offers effective alternatives to problem solving to provide each client with specific solutions to fit their projects needs and requirements. We have the capabilities to handle large projects that involve extensive and technical application of skills. RX3 has partnered with major companies to complete large task oriented projects throughout the United States and internationally. Our Project Integration Division covers four main categories Engineering, Procurement, Logistics, and Integration.

  • Engineering is the first component to RX3’s Project Integration. When structuring a project RX3 will provide top quality project engineers who will help plan and implement a project. These engineers can refurbish old technology, implement new technology, reduce deadweight loss, and increase efficiency of technical business processes.
  • Procurement is one of the main services that RX3 provides it customers. We have the experience and skills needed to acquire, warehouse and move large quantities of materials. RX3 has numerous partnerships that allow us to transport materials where they need to be on time and on budget.
  • RX3 Communications provides Logistics support to help government agencies accomplish their missions and projects. Our Logistics Team has experience with moving people and product around the nation to support our clients and their projects.
  • Integration encompasses many different aspects of projects. RX3 has the capabilities to build and implement new infrastructure and technology into a business setting. Our company is able to refurbish old technology and help government agencies become more efficient and effective.

Safety and Quality are the most important principles with in our company. These two ideas are paramount when it comes to project integration. RX3 ensures safety and quality through thorough timely inspections. These inspections are used to ensure that a project is meeting clients expectations while keeping stakeholders safe to reduce injury and risk. By managing all of the various aspects of a project, RX3 will provide a single point of contact for your daily project operations, updates, scheduling, and tracking.