Logistics Management and Support

RX3 Communications provides Logistics support to help the government accomplish its missions and projects across both CONUS and OCONUS installations. We work with military bases across the country in both mission critical and non-mission critical applications. Our Logistics Team has experience with moving people and product around the nation to support our clients and missions. We contract with leading third party logistics components to insure valuable product is at the right location at the right time.

Our team can provide but are not limited to:

  • Value Added Warehousing – Our team is capable of storing and moving government furnished material (GFM) or procured material to and from government projects and installations. Our team can ensure the safety and quality of products through material integration centers (MIC). MIC’s use cutting edge technology to move and store product and raw materials to and from mission control locations.    


  • Kitting – Our Logistics and warehouse teams are capable of taking raw GFM and kitting it properly to ensure the right product is getting to the correct critical location. RX3’s state of the art knitting processes serve as a dynamic tool for dependable products that have the capabilities to meet production schedules.  


  • Inventory Control, Audits and Asset Management – We have the systems and infrastructure in place to insure that all materials are properly controlled and accounted for. Our logistics team will perform timely inventory checks and scans to make sure that all products and inventory are not damaged, missing or altered in anyway.  


  • Transportation of GFM or Procured material – Our team works with both full truck loads and LTL Carriers to move GFM to Government Mission Critical locations throughout CONUS and OCONUS. RX3 has strategic partnerships with companies and third party providers that allow us to create and use already existing distribution channels.  


  • People movement – Our Logistics experts arrange travel for individuals, groups and organizations including scheduling flights and ground transportation, booking accommodations and handling any other trip related tasks. Our experts use the best and most accessible national lodging companies as well as commercial airlines to move people to mission critical locations. We work closely with government point of contacts (POC) to schedule and plan both mission critical and non mission critical tasks.